With many regrets, we have to inform you that the situation with the Russian military invasion of Ukrainian territory affects our staff, IT department. Our employees, like the whole of Ukraine, directly feel the horrors of a full-scale invasion.

As you already know from the mass media of your countries, 24.02.2022 at 5 AM Russia invaded Ukraine under false pretenses. People are scared and forced to leave their homes, hide in basements and in the subway due to the constant massive bombardment of peaceful, residential areas.

Ukrainians are a strong nation. Thousands of soldiers are making a good defense against the enemy on battle-field. At the same time people are helping each other, and our defenders. The whole world prays for Ukraine and offers help. We ask you not to stay indifferent and extend a helping hand to Ukraine. Informational, financial, and any other kind of assistance may save people’s lives.

We cannot and will not stand aside and consider it our duty to provide all possible support to Ukraine, its citizens, our employees, and partners. We also guarantee that we continue to provide our service as usual.

Sources of official

We provide OFFICIAL informational sources so that you have no doubts about what is happening, and you can follow the situation without fakes:

Website of President of Ukraine:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

We also provide OFFICIAL sources to donate to the Ukrainian army. You can help without intermediaries, directly and thereby save the lives of people who are defending their homes and their families:

1. The website of the National Bank of Ukraine:
Here you can find details for transferring in various currencies that will be convenient for you.

2. Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Come Back Alive”: